Creating your API & Secret keys on Binance

1. Go to "API Management".
Click on the avatar sign (as shown in the screenshot below) and then click on the "API Management" button.

Important! In order to create API keys you should complete Intermediate or Advanced identity verification.
2. Enter the name of the new key in "Give the API key a label"
In the "Give the API key a label" field, enter the name of the new key. Then click on the "Create" button.

3. Choose an authentication method (additional security)
After clicking on the "Create" button, a choice of protection method will be offered. Choose the most convenient for you (without this step, there will be no access to create the API).

4. Get a verification code

In the window that opens, click the "Send code" button. An SMS message with a code will be sent to the specified number. Enter the SMS confirmation code in the bottom field of the window. Do the same with the confirmation code from the mail

Or choose Google Authentication and then enter the code from Google Authenticator (you need to download the application on your phone) and the confirmation code from the mail.

5. Сheck "API restrictions"

After confirming SMS by phone number or confirming the code from Google Authenticator, copy and save the secret key (for example, in a text file), because then you will not be able to see the secret key.

To trade spot, you must "enable" a special parameter on the exchange website. Click "Edit restrictions." Add the parameter responsible for trading on Binance (Futures) to the key. Check the box next to  "Enable Spot & Margin Trading" and click "Save."

Also, be sure to check for the checkboxes, namely "Read Only" and "Enable Trade".

Don't forget to fund your USDT-Ⓜ Futures wallet to trade.

6. Copy & paste your API keys from your notepad to your new Bryte Futures account

Make sure your API keys are copy/pasted under their correct exchanges on Bryte Futures