Who Wins Long-Term? Bots or Humans?

Who Wins Long-Term?  Bots or Humans?

The idea of automated trading is nothing new. Wall Street has been heavily dependent on trading bots for decades to increase the wealth of companies and high-net-worth customers. Over the last 10 years, computer-driven funds such as Renaissance and Citadel have achieved annual net returns of 37.1% and 22.1%, respectively, by simply using automated trading tools like Bryte Futures.

Until recently, it was impossible to create wealth if you were fortunate enough to have access to a substantial amount of starting capital. That's no longer the case. Cryptocracy has democratized money, making it possible for anyone with an Internet connection to participate in wealth accumulation. And guess what? The same technology behind the automated trading tools used by traditional finance is now available. And they are easier to use than ever!

Crypto trading bots automatically execute the best possible trades, removing human intervention.

But who is the better trader: the bot or the human?

Humans are emotional. Bots are not.

People are inherently prone to anxiety, FOMO and over-confidence depending on the time of day. Emotions = danger when trading. Trading bots, on the other hand, completely lack emotion and are immune to the hype and noise that beggar so many, especially novice traders.

Bots self-optimize. Humans do not.

People lack the ability to a) abide by strict rules and b) abandon rules or habits in favour of better, more profitable ones. They adapt slowly when something doesn't work. But bots are becoming smarter. With advances in artificial intelligence, bots can optimize themselves to find the best methods to achieve the greatest results for each task.

Humans have a bandwidth and throughput issue. Bots do not.

Trading bots can make calculations millions of times faster than the human mind can. They can carry out thousands of transactions in several markets almost immediately. And the smallest trades, which are carried out in considerable quantities, can lead to huge gains.

Humans require food and sleep. Bots do not.

Whether they want to or not, crypto traders often spend their days staring at charts and kicking themselves for missed opportunities while eating, sleeping or simply doing just about anything else. Unlike humans, trading bots are online 24 hours a day. They just want to do what they were programmed to do to accumulate returns!

Bots can adopt the latest tech like AI and ML. Humans cannot.

Trading bots can easily adapt and implement the latest technological tools on the market, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Who Wins?

Sorry humans, but the crypto trading bot is the clear winner. Although the same cannot be said for bots of the past, today's cryptobots are smarter than ever, giving people the potential to make a lot of money with minimal time and effort.

You have many options in today's market, including Bryte Futures Crypto Autopilot Trading bot. It implements the latest technological tools, such as artificial intelligence, to find the biggest growth opportunities. 

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