The friends with benefits arrangement you will actually want to be a part of.

how it works

To put it simply, we give you cash for referring your mates or community to the bryte side.

Our friends with benefits receive 10% of every referred Bryte Trades & Bryte Ideas order and 30% of every Bryte Edge. But this isn't just a one night stand! You receive this 10-30% for the lifetime of your referrals subscription. So every month, as long as they're subscribed, you'll get moola.

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When we become friends with benefits, you'll receive a unique tracking link. When spreading the word, make sure to share this. It's the purchases, through using your link, that will earn you money!

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No strings attached

Don't worry, we're not a stage five clinger. We don't require much TLC besides adding your payment preference to the portal. We pay all commissions on a monthly basis.

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